In my journalism career, I have produced more than 600 exclusive news and feature stories. These do not include the routine news stories that I have produced separately. Click here to check my journalist work.

I am open to commissions and assignments in the following genres:

  • Investigative Journalism – Carrying out in-depth research and analysis to uncover hidden truths, corruption, and wrongdoing.
  • Feature Writing – Creating longer, more in-depth stories that explore a particular topic or theme. These stories can be focused on human interest stories, lifestyle, and cultural issues.
  • Opinion Writing – Providing my own perspectives on news and events based on the expertise developed over the years.
  • Business Journalism – Covering news related to finance, commerce, and economics. It includes reporting on company earnings, market trends, and economic policies.
  • Environmental Journalism – Covering stories related to climate change, energy, and sustainability. Reporting on environmental issues and the impact they have on communities and ecosystems.
  • Data Journalism – Producing data and visually rich stories where the core thesis is proved with the help of data.

Topics I cover:

I cover the following topics in Pakistan and the South Asian region.

  • Chinese financed Belt and Road projects
  • Baloch Separatism
  • Politics
  • Conflict
  • Economy
  • Digital Security
  • Climate Change

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